A Cost-Effective Alternative To Lithium Carbonate

After more than quadrupling in value last year, lithium carbonate continues to soar in 2022. i.News reported that according to S&P Global the going rate for a megatonne of lithium carbonate is now $71,000 (£58,800), it said, up from $32,000 at the end of last year.

At AptiCem, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of delivering speciality chemical solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers globally. Our AptiCem Fast Set 90 and AptiCem Fast Set 95 offer a cost-effective alternative to lithium carbonate. They are ideal for fast setting cementitious systems where rapid fixing and laying is essential, such as tile adhesives and grouts, self-levelling floor screeds and concrete repair systems.

AptiCem Fast Set 90 is a hydration accelerator designed as a modern alternative to traditional lithium carbonate. By interacting with both the Portland and HAC/CSA content of a binder it enhances early strengths and optimises set times.

AptiCem Fast Set 95 is an enhanced version of Fast Set 90, with higher activity.  It optimises set times and is compatible with all cement types. It is especially suited to high and low temperatures or where extremely high early strength is desired.

For more information or to request a sample please contact the AptiCem team on 01207 580 101, email screed@apticem.com or visit www.apticem.com

Source www.inews.co.uk/news/electric-cars-lithium-price-rise-ev-batteries-cost-1767563

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