Lithium Carbonate Alternatives vs Lithium Carbonate

In recent years lithium carbonate has fluctuated in price, with soaring costs in 2021/2022 and then stabilising in Q2 of 2023. The cost of lithium carbonate can be impacted by numerous factors, including the demand for electric vehicles, production capacity and surging energy prices.

If you are impacted by changing costs of lithium carbonate, have you considered an effective alternative?

Our lithium carbonate alternative and replacements provide a modern alternative to the traditional use of high alkali salts such as lithium carbonate. They are 100% active, effective at low temperatures and have been designed for fast setting cementitious systems where rapid fixing and laying is essential.

Furthermore, our experienced technical team and state-of-the-art Research and Innovation Centre enables us to design lithium carbonate alternative products to meet our customers’ specific requirements. This includes testing customer formulations and conducting testing of acceleration times, compressive and flexural strengths.


Benefits of using our lithium carbonate alternatives include:

Price stability – Australia, Chile and China are the leading producers of lithium carbonate. The availability of lithium carbonate directly contributes to the price and is heavily influenced by the production capacity of its producers. With the ongoing fluctuation in price in lithium carbonate, our accelerator range offers companies a modern alternative that isn’t influenced by the same external factors and gives customers confidence in product availability and price stability.

Compatibility – Lithium only reacts with the HAC and CSA elements of cement mix. Our lithium accelerators offer a significant benefit as they work with Portland elements too. They provide fast set times and high early strengths in ternary binder systems based on Portland cement when combined with either HAC or SCA elements.

Multifunctional – Our AptiLith products have been designed as multifunctional accelerators for ternary systems and are especially recommended for use in formulations where lower lithium carbonate levels can be used. They are also highly effective over a range of temperatures. We can also run trials for customers and develop bespoke AptiLith grades to suit their cement.

For further information on our accelerator range, or to request a sample get in touch with our team.

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