Dry Mortar Additives

Sepiolsa Rheoplus TS3010A

Rheoplus® TS3010A is an easy dispersing powder additive from high purity sepiolite that modifies the rheology of aqueous systems.


  • Tile adhesives – Smoothness, anti-slipping, partial cellulose derivative replacement, workability and better adherence.
  • Mortars – Smoother termination, anti-sagging, cellulose derivative replacement, workability and lower exudation.
  • Gypsum plasters – Decreases rebound, improves fluidity and adherence.
  • Fibercement and building boards – Improves the homogeneity of the slurry, decreases fine particle losses, improves plasticity and inter-laminar bonding. Gives smoother surface boards.
  • Emulsions – Improved surface termination, emulsifier, improved stability, pseudoplasticity and thixotropy and water resistance.
  • Sound dampening – Controls flow, decreases thermal sensitivity and processing aids.
  • Cut-back – Controls the flow properties at low and high temperature, avoiding sag and anti-settling of fillers. Surfactants are needed; in some formulations a polar activator is necessary.
  • Paints – Rheoplus® TS3010A can be used in water-based paints, paint strippers and solvent paints.
  • Coatings – Thickener, anti-settling and controls sag.
  • Polisher – Thickener, controls syneresis and settling.
  • Fertilisers (Microcrystalline) – Anti-settling and controls crystal growth.

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